Key Townsend Personnel Appointments in Asia Pacific

The Asia Pacific region accounts for almost 56 percent of global polyolefins consumption and continues to be a hotbed of growth in terms of both demand and production, headed by China and ASEAN nations such as Vietnam and Malaysia.  And despite fears of a slowdown in China, incremental polyolefin demand growth there is substantial on account of the massive absolute demand base.  Further, the Chinese Government is committed to weeding out excess capacity in heavy industry and shifting the focus to value addition and clean tech, including development of renewables and electric vehicles, to name but a few examples.  

At this timely juncture with positive prospects for plastics throughout Asia, Houston-based Townsend Solutions in expanding its operations in Asia; adding two key staff members. 
In his new role of Business Director – Asia, Stephen Moore will oversee the company’s Asian operations from its office in Singapore.  Residing in the Asia Pacific region since 1988, Stephen has been covering developments in the chemical and plastics industries in the region since 1991. He operated out of Tokyo and subsequently Singapore while working as an editor for the McGraw-Hill trade publications “Chemical Engineering and Modern Plastics.” Stephen also wrote extensively for “Chemical Week” prior to beginning his career as a consultant in 2000. Since 2003, Stephen has represented Townsend Solutions in the Asia Pacific region and has played an integral part in numerous strategic projects and studies.
Stephen is a regular contributor to Townsend’s annual market reports covering  polyolefin supply, demand & forecasts  and provides keen insights for research and strategic activities, economic and feasibility reports, and industry/market analyses.


Meanwhile in Japan, Country Manager Riichiro (Rick) Nagano will head-up Townsend’s sales & marketing activities.  A well-respected industry executive with over 44 years’ experience, Rick brings extensive expertise in business management, planning and development of commodity and high performance polymers and their films.  Rick worked for Mitsui Chemicals from 1972 to 2011, holding several key roles starting from R&D to General Manager of Business Planning Division at Mitsui and Managing Executive Officer at Mitsui Chemicals Tohcello.  
According to Roberto Ribeiro, President of Townsend Solutions, “We’re really excited to have Stephen and Rick on-board.  Being close to our customers is a top priority.  In addition to being our 40th anniversary, 2017 is a tremendous growth year for us as we expand both our product line and our reach to better service the entire value chain.” ​ ​​