Asset level technology.  Company level supply.  Grade level pricing.  Application level demand.  Over 60,000 resin buyers.     We call this “Townsend Deep”.  Our clients call it a game changer.

At our core we are a learning company, standing on the shoulders of every engagement.  Our knowledge base covers the entire plastics value chain, from energy to end-use. 

Models, Prices, Forecasts & Benchmarks

Polyolefins Supply, Demand & Trade Forecasts

Plastic Converters & Compounders Database

From grade specific resin price benchmarks to market activation strategies, we have been the trusted provider of reliable "needle-in-the-haystack" plastics market intel since 1977.  

360° methodology provides unmatched application level segmentation of demand & forecasts.  This primary research is conducted by industry experts including extensive interviews and site visits with resin producers, traders/distributors, converters and others in the value chain. 

Global coverage of all major markets.  Provides deep-dive detail on the manufacturing operations of 60,000+ molders / extruders / compounders.  

Market Research.  Strategic Consulting.  Advisory Services.  Training & Education.

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