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Annual Deep-Dive Market Assessments:  PE & PP

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Published annually since 1996, the Townsend PE & PP reports provide massive amounts of granular detail on supply & demand and the most comprehensive outlook available. 

Townsend reports provide unmatched application level segmentation framed with expert analysis of key issues impacting value and growth.
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We follow the molecules...  from cracker to end-user
and all points in between.

Models, Prices, Forecasts & Benchmarks

From grade specific resin price benchmarks to market activation strategies, we have been the trusted provider of reliable "needle-in-the-haystack" plastics market intel since 1977.  Start here

Database of Plastic Resin Buyers

Townsend has been tracking detailed, plant level information about the global plastics supply chain for over 25 years.  Looking for new customers or manufacturing partners? Need to research or assess new markets? Start here

What strengthens our position is the level of detail we can provide, and our ability to leverage that granularity to really help our clients.