What strengthens our position is the level of detail we can provide, and our ability to leverage that granularity to really help our clients.

Global Database of Plastic Buyers

This game-changing knowledge base tool provides deep-dive detail on the manufacturing operations of 60,000+ molders / extruders / compounders worldwide. 

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All major countries
All major plastic resins
All major end-use markets
Plant level detail
Dynamic search
Fully exportable
25+ years accumulated knowledge
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Leverage our global reach and knowledge base to jumpstart customer discovery.


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60,000+ Resin buyers
Global research team
Application expertise
Material expertise
"Extension of your staff" approach
Economical, efficient & effective
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Comprehensive price benchmarks & intelligence - at the grade level.


Energy, feedstocks & resins
Resin prices & premiums at grade level
History & forecasts
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Upstream scenarios
Macro/micro trends/divers
News & analysis
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