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    Resin Prices:  China EVA
    September 2015

    In September, China's EVA market price decreased with some fluctuation throughout the month, mainly because of the slow recovery in demand from downstream application industries.

    Upstream, the price of crude oil and ethylene fluctuated slightly, and EVA’s raw material price could not support the EVA market price.

    Downstream companies purchased EVA cautiously and showed little intention of getting into the market unless it was absolutely necessary.  But most of the companies said that as the orders increase downstream, demand for EVA may also increase, but it will not be much.

    As low-cost import EVA arrived, the inventory levels of distributors increased, and some distributors lowered their price, which lowered the average price in the EVA market.  18% VA content foam grades prices remained between $1,700-$1,827 USD/mt.  26% VA content wire and cable grades were between $1,795-$1,860 USD/mt, and 28% VA content melt adhesive grades were at $1,800-$1,955 USD/mt.

    The USD price of imported EVA fluctuated, and the volume was quite good.  By the end of the month, importers announced the latest price of EVA arriving in October, which increased $15-$20 USD/mt.  But the low EVA RMB price in China suppressed the positive atmosphere in the USD EVA market.

    In October EVA market price will likely continue to remain stable with slight fluctuation, and some grades with high supply may see some price decreases.

    Resin Prices:  US/Canada
    September 2015

    Resin prices fell in September for most commodity and other resins as the effects of falling oil prices continue to trickle down to the resin markets here in the US as well as in other global regions. 

    Early in September US PE producers, in a very rare move, decided to announce a 4.0 cents-per-pound (cpp) decrease for September PE resin in an attempt to keep PE prices from falling even further.  Buyers enjoyed at least that much relief and in some cases more for off-grade/wide spec grades.

    PP prices were generally down net 1.0 cpp in September with the 3.0 cpp decline of propylene monomer plus the applied margin expansion by producers.  Different deals were worked with buyers as producers were seeking as much as six cents in margin gains.  Most PP buyers with contracts that follow monomer movement took the 1.0 cpp decrease and producers hung on to the additional two cents cost savings, thank you very much.

    PVC prices ticked down another cent in September on the back of falling feedstock costs and lackluster demand.  There is not much shaking up the PVC market right now as the seasonal slowdown hits the construction industry.  According to The American Chemistry Council, PVC production fell by 63 million pounds from August to September and exports are slowing.  Typically, the US PVC market exports what cannot be sold to the domestic market and global demand for PVC has slowed also.  This is a good time for maintenance and several turnarounds are scheduled in the October/November timeframe.

    The PET market was in limbo for nearly three months awaiting the delayed settlement of the June and July paraxylene (PX) contracts, which allowed for the setting of the purified terephthalic acid (PTA) price for June, July and August.  The US PX contract is the key variable in the formula-derived PTA price.  The production of one pound of PET requires 0.87 pounds of PTA and 0.37 pounds of monoethylene glycol (MEG).  August PET prices fell 4.0 cpp and September prices fell between 2.5 and 3.0 cpp, depending on individual contract terms and producer deals.  Spot prices have continued a downward trend as they tracked weaker feedstocks and lower PET prices in Asia.

    The winner for the most extreme price movement in September is Polystyrene.  PS prices fell 9.0 cpp based on the steep decline in feedstock benzene and lower ethylene prices.  PS demand has slowed since the PS season mostly ended in August.  Demand may tick up slightly just prior to the holiday season but will likely fall off again in late November into December.

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