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    EVA Resin Prices Poised to Rise!
    While EVA resin prices remained generally stable in Europe and the Americas in December, price increases were seen throughout Asia – a trend that may spread to the rest of the globe in early 2014. Weak holiday demand and supply stability combined to hold prices steady in Europe and the Americas, while fewer imports and higher feedstock prices led to price increases in Asia.

    There are price increase nominations on the table from several North and South American suppliers for January and February, and many observers feel that at least some price increases will be seen during that time period, especially with production ramping up again now that the holiday season has passed.

    In the PV market, global demand for Photovoltaic components are rising, from 36GW (gigawatt) in 2013 to 43GW in 2014. It is estimated that will increase more than 30% to 49GW in 2014, because of the stable pricing and good international demand. About 3.5GW are produced in Europe, 2.8GW in Japan, 1.2GW in the United States, and 26GW in China.

    China remains the top PV producer in terms of volume. China plans to install 4 GW of PV at utilities and 8 GW of rooftop capacity this year, but some observers question whether this mix is achievable. They believe the target could be met if the ratio of installation types was reversed. China is also enjoying guaranteed access to the European market up to a maximum of 7 GW annually.

    China Manufacturing Highlights
    * BASF-YPC Co., Ltd. produced EVA at regular rates in December. The EVA grades are V5110J and V6110M, and their VA contents are 18.5% and 26.5%.
    * Beijing Organic Chemical Plant was on a maintenance outage at the beginning of December. Beginning December 10th, the plant produced EVA at regular rates. The EVA grades are 14-2 and 18-3, and their VA contents are 14% and 18%.
    * Sinopec Beijing Yanshan Co. produced LDPE in December.
    * Beijing Hua Mei Polymer Co., Ltd. (Sinopec Beijing Yanshan and Dupont JV) produced LDPE in December.

    Central & South America Highlights
    The EVA resin import volume of Central & South America has fallen over the past several months, in large part due to the local producer keeping prices low, even though increases in the exchange rate have had an impact.

    In general, EVA resin prices increased around $20 USD/mt in the local currency during the month of December with expectations of a $60 USD/mt increase pushed to customers in January. EVA resin prices for shoe manufacturing averaged $2071 USD/mt in December. Prices to the foam market ranged $1932-2246 USD/mt. Prices to the film market were around $2041 USD/mt, and for melt adhesives prices ranged from $1970-2299 USD/mt. For compounds prices averaged $2227 USD/mt, and for thermal lamination prices were around $2175 USD/mt. For the automotive segment, the average price was $2140 USD/mt.

    Asia Pacific Highlights
    In general, EVA pricing was stronger in the Asia Pacific region in December due to high feedstock prices (ethylene at $1510 USD/mt), limited supply, and the view that EVA prices still have some catching up to do when LDPE pricing levels are taken into consideration. January looks to be an even stronger month if high feedstock prices remain.

    Hot melt adhesive manufacturers, meanwhile, had been facing weak demand from October through to mid-December, but a recovery coupled with the need to restock inventories and fewer deep-sea cargoes saw prices recover slightly. Deep-sea cargoes from Europe and the US were available at $1780-1800 USD/mt (26% VA content). January is set to be a much stronger month on account of continued restocking, with an upside potential estimated at up to $60 USD/mt.

    Prices at Tier I suppliers were up $50 USD/mt compared with November. However, there was some material from Tier II suppliers available at as low as $1850 USD/mt.

    Western Europe Highlights
    In the hot melts market, aggressive price pressure was maintained in December. One supplier indicated that there was relatively strong demand for some EVA grades, particularly those for industrial packaging, food packaging, and barrier packaging, though this may have been driven by Versalis’ supply issues.

    December is typically a very slow month in the solar sector, and volumes for EVA were indeed low. However, one industry source noted that December 2012 was a “complete disaster” in Europe whereas December 2013 showed some activity which could suggest an improving trend in the coming months.

    On a positive note, the thermal lamination film sector maintained the levels of volumes achieved in November, and EVA film prices remain stable. This sector is now much stronger than it was in the first half of 2013.

    January is expected to be a “reasonably good month” as many sources commented that order entry is already quite significant.

    North America Highlights
    Prices have remained unchanged for December, and are expected to hold relatively steady for January. There are several price increase announcements on the table for February. In December, no new capacity increases were announced for North America.

    Townsend Solutions’ EVA Monthly provides intelligence on pricing at 4 VA levels, LDPE pricing marker, current capacity status/outlook, manufacturing comments, alternative material offerings, technology updates and market changes. To download an issue from our customer portal, click hereQuestions or comments may be directed to Frances Davidson at +1 281.873.8733 extension 120 or

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